The Buysman Holding Group (BHG) consists of four companies, that support and complement each other. Together they create and deliver high quality electronics and provide the best service, support and bespoke solutions. 

With software & product development, production and sales closely related, BHG's companies are able to offer smart, innovative and future proof solutions to face tomorrow’s challenges.


About BHG

BHG wants to deliver state of the art solutions that are high quality, up to date and future proof. To combine all companies under the BHG umbrella, the organisation has short lines in communication. BHG knows what solutions are needed today and in the future.

BHG's companies are:

  • CD Systems 
  • Emcatron
  • Squarell Technology
  • Adserfa

Emcatron is developing hard- and software. CD Systems provides high quality production and prototyping. Their connection to the world through takes place through the international sales portal Squarell Technology. Everything is supported by the services of Adserfa. This way, BHG is able to improve and innovate in the whole chain of creation and delivery of electronic solutions to the world.


BHG believes technology should improve processes and circumstances. The company pursues high quality and easy to use solutions that reduce the demand on natural resources, and reduce risks, waste, emissions and costs.


BHG wants to contribute to a more sustainable planet for the next generations. Therefore the company creates solutions that improve the effectivity of processes and reduce waste. Long term relationships with customers are a main focus. Reliability is BHG's goal, both in products and relations.


Working at BHG

BHG is a fast growing company, that works in teams to deliver the highest quality solutions to its customers. BHG performs well in an informal, entrepreneurial working environment; the company stimulates talent development and likes to have a bit of fun as well.


Where is BHG located?

The Buysman Holding Group has two offices, one in Noordwijkerhout and one in Hillegom. Both places are easy to reach by car or public transport.


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