Established in 1968, Futura Composites was one of the first composite manufacturers in the Netherlands specialized in designing, engineering and manufacturing of composite industrial components. Since then, Futura Composites team has grown to over 70 employees, varying from talented young designers to multi-skilled experienced craftsmen with the most diverse backgrounds.

About Futura Composites

They are experts in composite materials. As the name indicates, a “composite” is a combination of two or more different materials to create a superior and unique material with unparalleled properties. This principle is nothing new. It can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egypt, where the most widespread building material was a mix of mud and straw: two basic materials that, if combined, reinforced each other, acquiring improved properties.

Composite solutions are often superior to traditional materials. Using advanced composite design, premium materials, diverse bonding techniques and state-of-the-art production methods, they can incorporate virtually any properties into a composite product.

Working at Futura Composites

Working at Futura Composites B.V. is working with a challenge. There are seventy employees, from young designers to experienced professionals, with nine different nationalities, together working on one product. A Safety and healthy working environment is a key point in the company. But also integrity, internal control, a great working atmosphere and fun on the job.  

Where is Futura Composites located?

Futura Composites is located in Heerhugowaard. The company is easily reachable by bus or by car.

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