Senior DevOps Supervisor Software bij 2Getthere

2getthere is looking for a software developer anxious to work with the latest technologies to create the greatest supervisory system available for autonomous vehicles


TOMS (Transit Operations Monitoring and Supervision), one of our flagship products based on 25+ years’ experience monitors and controls the daily operations of the transit systems deployed by 2getthere. Among the functionalities offered by TOMS are fleet control, traffic control (collision avoidance and deadlock prevention), order management, order dispatching, route planning, vehicle control, fleet load balancing to assure service level targets and system logging/reporting. TOMS’ architecture consists of a set of distributed services and apps and HTML5 web apps communicating over web sockets. It has been designed to be robust, scalable, extendible, and flexible.

As a DevOps for this business-critical application your primary responsibilities include:

  • Set-up and configuration of supervisor software components for customer projects.
  • Enhance TOMS core functionality by customer project specific extensions
  • Contribute to product and project quality by enabling continuous development, delivery, and testing of TOMS software components

You’ll be member of an experienced team of software developers. You will also work intensively together with our product manager, test manager and customer project managers.

Your job duties include:

  • Configure existing TOMS software components to meet specific customer project requirements (e.g. authorization matrix, networking, reporting, token management)
  • Realize customer specific functionality through extending business logic rules and hardware device interfaces.
  • Document customer software configuration 
  • Design and implement automated unit tests and integration tests
  • Design and implement device simulators
  • Advise and support the project- and commissioning engineers in projects.
  • Document and share the knowledge you gain along the way

Personal traits we seek are:

  • able to take on a role as system admin, tester and developer
  • communicative, in spoken word and in writing
  • self-reliant with hands-on mentality
  • analytical – you know a log file is not the same a bug report
  • hardy spirit – you know getting the last 20% right takes 80% of the total effort

Gevraagd wordt

  • Education level bachelor or master in technical direction 
  • 3-5 years’ work experience in software engineering
  • Experience with scripting languages (e.g. Javascript, Python)
  • Knowledge of the entire application development lifecycle, from requirements analysis and effort estimations, through design and coding and QA, to release and deployment.
  • Some experience with test frameworks (e.g. Moocha, Python’s UnitTest)
  • Some experience with networking and networking protocols (e.g. CAN, Modbus, MQTT)
  • Some experience with continuous integration and version management tooling (GIT, SVN, Jenkins)
  • Some experience with Linux 
  • Proficient in Dutch and English language

It would be great if you also have experience or affinity with:

  • containerized software deployment (CoreOS, Docker)
  • mechatronic systems
  • Internet of Things (hobby) projects
  • Production rule systems
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • Implementing business critical applications

Geboden wordt

We offer you a position as senior developer in a growing organization, with the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the development cycle of a market-leading product. Salary and benefits are market conform and based on knowledge and experience. 


2getthere provides Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) and Group Rapid Transit (GRT) systems. These automated people mover systems are guided transit modes with fully automated (driverless) operation, featuring (computer controlled) vehicles that operate on a dedicated network of guideways.

They operate on demand or at a high frequency, with cities benefitting from the reduction of car traffic, congestion and the environmentally friendly character. Developers maximize land value and reduce space wasted for non-value added activities by connecting locations and optimizing land usage.

Proostwetering 26A in UTRECHT
Offline vacature. Solliciteren is niet meer mogelijk.