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The people at Mechatronics are passionate about the invention and development of highly precise analytic instruments.

RR Mechatronics, established in The Netherlands in 1986, focuses on medical analytic laboratory instruments. They serve IVD laboratory customers and OEM-partners all over the world.


About RR Mechatronics

RR Mechatronics is the world leader in automated Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) instruments. Tens of millions of ESR tests are performed every year with RR Mechatronics instruments, the only ones fully complying with the gold standard Westergren Method. In addition to ESR solutions, RR Mechatronics has developed a unique and highly specialized red blood cell (RBC) analysis platform to evaluate the rheology of blood. It measures, among others, RBC deformability and aggregation and is used in the diagnosis and treatment of malaria, sickle cell disease, and RBC membrane disorders. In addition to the hematology related instruments, RR Mechatronics developes very specific environment related high technology instruments. To complement their instruments, they also offer diluents, cleaning-agents, control, and specific reagents.

RR Mechatronics has a track record of thinking in terms of solutions, not problems. They do not have all the answers, but persistently strive to find them in close collaboration with research scientists and their OEM-partners. These partnerships significantly contribute to high quality work.

RR Mechatronics is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified under the management of their Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs department. This assures our customers of the quality of their products.

For over 25 years they have adhered to the belief in the exponential strength of technological advancement.their priority is to improve their customers’ diagnosis and research operations.


Working at RR Mechatronics

The team of RR Mechatronics consists of 60 enthousiastic people who believe that every patient deserves the right diagnosis and care.

Focusing on hematology, they help to provide precise and accurate laboratory measurements by developing, producing, selling, and servicing state-of-the-art medical technology solutions.breaker

Where is RR Mechatronics located?

RR Mechatronics is located in Zwaag. There is enough parking place in front of the office. 



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