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Tanis Confectionery designs and supplies plants for the production of sugar confectionery. A production plant that weighs, adds, mixes, heats, boils, cools and gives shape to the ingredients of your final product.


About Tanis Confectionery

Tanis Confectionery specializes in tailor-made solutions in confectionery process design and full project support. By working in close cooperation with the customer, they provide a range of specially developed systems from basic to fully integrated operations. Their customers know their markets and clients. Tanis supports their specific wishes according to production volume, raw materials, flavours, additives and finishings. Together they translate their recipes into a concept and a working plan.
Tanis Confectionery supplies equipment from ingredient till final product to produce sugar confectionery masses such as gums and jellies, chewy products, caramel, nougat, cereal bars, hard candy, praline centres, and fondants. The Tanis Candy Innovation Centre is a high tech test lab to test the recipes of the clients. Using the standard-programme or tailor-made new configurations. Tanis Confectionery specialists support all kinds of new solutions for new product with new flavours, compositions and shapes.

Working at Tanis Confectionery

Choosing to work for Tanis Confectionery means reaping the benefits of teamwork and partnership. Instead of choosing the largest company, you make a conscious choice for flexibility, creativity and beautiful craftsmanship. Because you enjoy feeling at home with a professionally run family business. Because you don’t want to be a number and you value long-lasting, pleasant business relationships.

Tanis Confectionery is a very accessible organization with direct lines of communication. A Tanis team member will work on the product/project until it is truly finished and won’t hide behind the small print. At Tanis, ‘collaboration’ is not just an empty word. They co-create projects with their clients and gladly share their knowledge and networks with them. The members of the team envision opportunities and love what they’re doing. They take an active interest in contributing to the development of Tanis Confectionery.

Where is Tanis Confectionery located?

The office of Tanis Confectionery is located next to the A59 between Made and Oosterhout. The company is easy to reach by bus, but even easier to reach by car, because the office is next an exit of the A59.


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